Piccles is a collaborative drawing application that lowers anxiety, relieves boredom, and fosters connection by engaging people in the cathartic act of coloring.

D-Works and Skyclimber Studios

Welcome to the realm of D-Works and Skyclimber Studios! We'll be providing you with a variety of experiences and games involving a combination of Arduino, Unity, and perhaps a smidge of Virtual Reality.

MIT Hobby Shop

Our booth will have three to four small student projects, and process videos of student project. We will also be demonstrating the Shaper Origin router. https://shapertools.com


TEAM 3D, a project of The Izabel Lam Charitable Foundation, is a New York-based non-profit dedicated to providing knowledge and opportunities to bridge the gap between creativity and technology through 3D design and printing.   We offer free 3D design and printing demonstrations / workshops in our Studio in Brooklyn NY or on site to anyone who is interested to explore this cutting edge technology. We are delighted to be a sponsor and participate at The MITxMAKE FESTIVAL 2018.  Visit us at izabellamfoundation.org and see our interns' work on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IzabelLamCharitableFoundation/

Electrona Robotics

Electrona Robotics is a local startup developing underwater drones for research, education, and exploration.

Prachi Sanghvi

Educating children through healthy eating

A set of thoughtfully designed tools to facilitate food education and engage students in basic math concepts in public school. These tools enable students to prepare basic recipes while at the same time explore math concepts like bar graphs, additions, fractions and multiplications as well as the concepts of mass vs volume. Each tool can be used by a variety of age groups ranging from 5-10 years old.

Coral Bays-Muchmore

I transform traditional materials, previously made garments, and non-traditional materials into wearable clothing. I’ve been sewing with my mother and grandfather since I was very young and their work with quilts inspired me to apply my skills to more utilitarian projects.

Photo Booth (Mehdi Akbarian)

Victorian camera reborn: come take your photo with a 1910 vintage Kodak box-camera, restored and turned digital.  My love for photography and fabrication came together to create a photo-booth from a badly damaged vintage box-camera. I made new parts, restored old ones, used a DSLR camera, a Raspberry Pi computer, a touch screen LCD, and a wireless printer to create the photo-booth setup. There is even a backdrop and props to make a fun experience!

Circuit Lab

Circuit Lab runs hands-on learning programs (after-school and summer) to teach kids in grades K-8 about electronics, interactive circuitry, and computer programming. Their programs are available in many locations in Greater Boston, and are a fun and creative way to give kids fluency in a new and increasingly necessary skill.

Jin Wu

An assortment of miscellaneous projects, including glow-in-the-dark RFID enabled brass rats/grad rats.

Diane Mwizerwa

Cardboard? Plastics? Old clothes? Don't throw them into the trash yet, they can make amazing art. I work with materials that can otherwise be considered trash or worn out and turn them into decorations, jewelry and works of fashion.


We will be debuting a Compact Classroom Fusion Device built by MIT Nuclear Science undergraduate students under the supervision of Prof. Anne White with support from research staff at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center.

Our device is based on the work of Philo T. Farnsworth, who built the first Fusor in 1967 (and the first television in 1927).  It is also similar to the design presented in Make Magazine in Nov 2013. A Fusor is capable of ionizing, confining, and heating deuterium to the point where measurable nuclear fusion takes place.

Our Fusor is built onto a 60 x 30 inch instrument cart with a vacuum chamber and all the required pumps, power supplies, and controls.  The fusion chamber has a 6 inch viewing port. Although our Fusor is capable of generating X-rays and fusion neutrons, we will be running it in a safe demonstration mode with Argon gas.  In this mode of operation, the Fusor behaves like a large, dim neon bulb.

Toy Design

2.00b Toy Product Design is a Mechanical Engineering course at MIT where students design and build TOYS! Come play with the teams' toy prototypes, give them feedback, see how they're made, and learn about the toy design process!


Integrated Design & Management (IDM) is a graduate program dedicated to enabling the learning and development of extraordinary, innovative leaders who will bring new levels of creativity, vision, and integrity to business and society. The booth showcases student projects

IDM’s students come from various engineering, business, and design backgrounds. This booth showcases their projects using the integrated approach to produce new business paradigms, great products, and the creative courage to solve complex, hard-to-define problems.

Tianyi Shi

By utilizing honeycomb structure, we aim to create a portable, lightweight compact seating for a smooth move.


At orimagi, we are dedicated to inspiring next generation of doers, dreamers, inventors, innovators. Origami-inspired robot is an innovative robot fabrication system, which combines aesthetic and engineering value of origami and robotics.


DIDART is an interactive program in which children experience cultures around the globe through its different Artisanal KITS filled with raw materials straight from the artisans, enabling them to create their own crafts and learning the step by step process thanks to Augmented Reality.

Olin College of Engineering EASE Lab

This booth features student-made projects that range from small snap-together scribble bots to STEM-infused clothing accessories. Come have hands-on fun with students and faculty from the Olin College of Engineering, a small experimental college that treats engineering as a creative enterprise that begins and ends with people. The EASE Lab (Extending Access to STEM Empowerment) at Olin develops tools and activities that lower the barrier for entry into computing, embedded electronics, and digital design + fabrication to help people become more empowered learners and contributors to their communities.

Curious Sounds

The series of art shows brings to you pocket sized synthesizers and drum machines.


"Next Generation Tools for Astronauts: Augmented Reality Displays for Spacewalks"

Come learn about new developments in spacesuit technology from MIT's finalist team in the NASA SUITS competition.  The team will demonstrate an augmented reality display they developed for astronauts using the Microsoft HoloLens.