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3:00 PM | Working with Nature

The 'Working with Nature' panel brings together speakers who make cheese, biofabricated leather, customized skincare, and biogas digesters to discuss working with nature's building blocks and toolkits.


Heather Paxson

Heather Paxson is a professor in MIT's Anthropology Program. Her most recent book, The Life of Cheese: Crafting Food and Value in America, is an in-depth study of the American artisanal cheese movement, and has been awarded the Diana Forsythe Prize by the American Anthropological Association. 


Kevin Yuen

Kevin Yuen is an alumnus of the MIT Integrative Design and Management program. In 2016, he was selected as an IDEO fellow at Food+Future, a collaborative incubator with the MIT Media Lab to prototype new ventures addressing food access & transparency. He was named 30 Under 30 in Sustainability by Corporate Knights in 2017. 

At MITxMake 2018, he will be speaking on his work at Modern Meadow, a Brooklyn- and New Jersey-based startup that uses biofabrication methods to produce synthetic animal-free leather by designing, growing, and assembling collagen.


Meghan Maupin

Meghan Maupin is an architect and currently a student in MIT's Integrated Design and Management program. She is also co-founder of Atolla Skin Lab, an MIT-based startup that leverages machine learning to deliver customized skincare products using an individual's actual skin data. They have developed a skin and ingredient database to match people with their most efficacious formulations and create products that evolve as a person's skin changes with the seasons, environment and age.

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Pratik Modi

Pratik Modi is a student in the Integrated Design & Management program at MIT. His diverse resume include discovering a new species of frog, designing home-scale biogas digester that runs of food waste, and an off-grid submersible irrigation pump that uses compressed air.